Actor Danny Dyer favours Herring…

International style title Bello has featured our Herring Fencote in an interview and photo shoot with actor Danny Dyer. The Herring Fencote is a beautiful two-tone wingtip made from rich chocolate brown calf leather and navy suede. Hand crafted in the Cheaney factory, England.

The English call these shoes co-respondent but their proper name is spectator; disguising the fact that the spectator was originally a gentleman’s sports shoe. Embodying all the sporty informality of their original forbearers, the Fencote adds a dash of rakishness to your semi-formal and weekend wardrobe.

Herring Shoes takes influence from the Great Gatsby.

Premium footwear brand Herring Shoes has taken influences from the trends of the 1920’s. The original name of the two-tone shoe is the ‘spectator’ as the spectators were the original gentleman’s sports shoe in the early nineteenth century. Combining the finest quality in calf leathers, suede and caviar grain leather. The collection is refined and elegant, but built to last handmade in Britain with Goodyear sole and welted leather ¼ rubber tip. Herring Shoes has also introduced their Gatsby shoe – Gatsby harks back to a time of gentlemen at garden parties and free flowing champagne. Treat yourself to some of that atmosphere with this stunning two tone correspondent brogue. In a mottled effect dark brown “shadow” and creamy antique beige these really do stand out. A classic reinvented for today.

Summer wedding? Don’t forget your Herring Shoes!

One of the UK’s popular wedding titles, You & Your Wedding features the Hyde from Herring Shoes in their main fashion shoot, proving that Herring Shoes are the perfect accessory to any summer wedding. Scroll down for the photo shoot…