Actor Danny Dyer favours Herring…

International style title Bello has featured our Herring Fencote in an interview and photo shoot with actor Danny Dyer. The Herring Fencote is a beautiful two-tone wingtip made from rich chocolate brown calf leather and navy suede. Hand crafted in the Cheaney factory, England.

The English call these shoes co-respondent but their proper name is spectator; disguising the fact that the spectator was originally a gentleman’s sports shoe. Embodying all the sporty informality of their original forbearers, the Fencote adds a dash of rakishness to your semi-formal and weekend wardrobe.

Gareth Malone Wears Herring Shoes With Pride

British Choirmaster and Broadcaster Gareth Malone makes no secret of the fact that he is one of Herring Shoes’ biggest fans, wearing his now iconic Herring Fencote shoes in the October issue of ‘The Lady’. The Herring Fencote is a navy suede and brown leather spectator, made with a Goodyear welted construction in Northampton by Cheaney.

Gareth Malone wears Herring Shoes on the Jonathan Ross Show

British Choirmaster and Broadcaster Gareth Malone made a guest appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday night along with Mo Farah and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Jonathan Ross immediately commented on the shoes he was wearing, a pair of Herring Fencote’s. The Herring Fencote is a navy suede and brown leather spectator, made with a Goodyear welted construction in Northampton by Cheaney. Scroll down for image stills of the show.

Herring Shoes travel the UK as this Summer’s must-have wedding brand…

Featured in all thirteen of the County Wedding magazine’s national titles, Herring Shoes prove to be an invaluable name in every Groom’s capsule Summer-wedding collection. The feature questions which style of Groom you are, to which the classic design of Herring Shoes crafted exquisitely with the modern mode of man in mind, answers as both ‘Contemporary’ and ‘Traditional’. To see the Fencote shoes teamed with a Contemporary suit design, and both the Jagger shoe and the Chelsea belt  as Traditional, see the full feature below…

















Fashion in a flash


A couple of weeks ago the Herring Fencote was discussed on the fashion in a flash blog by the 22 yr old fashion student know as fashioninaflashboi who blogs about clothes, brands, luxury items, and architecture.

We love his thoughts on how you should wear the shoes –

…would look great paired with a houndstooth suit as well as jeans and a more casual shirt.

You can read more on his thoughts here.

FYI (Fashion Youth Indulgence) Blog features our Premier Collection

Just recently we were featured as the kind of shoes the FYI Blog author thinks every man should have.

‘Every man should have that one pair of quality heritage shoes. I’m not talking a nice pair from the high street either, I’m talking about that one special pair you don’t take out every day, the pair attentively constructed using superior craftsmanship, materials and designs. Herring Shoes are a brand offering just that, in the form of their Premier Collection.’

Brad goes on to talk about and show some of our Premier Collection shoes such as the Fencote, the Gladstone, and the Buckingham.

You can read the full post here.