Sock styles

12834514_1028832343863833_598116580_nFirst and foremost, noooo white socks with shoes. No exceptions. Sports shoes and some sneakers are the only possible styles to have white socks.

I hope it is obvious to 90% of you gentlemen but we must help the 10% who still kill our eyes everyday. (It’s true that in the 60’s for example, we saw JF Kennedy and students wear their penny loafers with white socks. It’s been called the “Ivy (league)” touch ever since. Very American. Very casual. Their loafers were the first sneakers).

You don’t wear black suits do you? You shouldn’t. Unless you are in mourning or an undertaker of course. I hope you wear grey or dark blue suits with black shoes. A suit is a business outfit so keep it as simple as possible. These subtle little details will make a big difference though. Try to find grey/black or black/blue socks. I always try to find the right colour so there is no difference between my trousers and shoes. Try also to choose knee high socks. No one wants to see your hairy ankles. Please.

Herring Montpellier

With your casual outfits dare and have fun: but that does not mean Mickey Mouse socks or The Simpsons. Ever.

I love to find the same textures or fabrics as my blazer, jacket or cardigan. Or the same colour as my tie or pocket square. Sometimes the same pattern as my twill jacket or vest/waistcoat.

Heavy fabrics like wool will keep your feet warm and cosy, lighter cottons will help you not to feel too hot and sweaty.

Socks are also a good way to protect your shoes and to make them last longer, of course.

Herring Fencote

Not just shoes…

12834514_1028832343863833_598116580_nThis time, I won’t talk about shoes.

I just want to share about something that really surprised me,in a very good way. When you first think about Herring, you think about…shoes.
I did at first. I used to visit the website only for their shoes. Then I noticed that they had added luggage, bags and briefcases.
I tried them and loved them. Incredible value for money. Great design, great colours etc. But I have already told you about that!

Now I have discovered something else. Herring’s clothing.
At first I was like: “Hmmm…really?!”
I tried the scarves, then the ties and finally the jumpers… Almost everything actually. My analysis is quite clear: pretty damn good!

Don’t get me wrong, because it could sound like this is just an advert.
It isn’t, it’s just that I’ve been wearing their last cable knit jumper for a little while and I just love it. Quality, fit…and price!

When I created Men Need More style, my goal was clear. To let people know that they could find the right products at the right price. An item that will last, something which flatters without spending a fortune.

Classic, timeless stuff for gentlemen.
It’s possible.

Now you know…


Customer insight- David Driegert, Virginia

IMG_8362Following on from our customer review from Jerry in Melbourne, we have been sent the following post by one of our ever loyal US customers, David Driegert Jr from Fairfax, Virginia.

We love nothing more than hearing what our customers think about their shoes and if you would like to write a review then please do get in touch by emailing


Herring Windermere Review

Here in Northern Virginia we get a wide variance in our Winter weather, from cold and snowy to mild and dry.  When that wet Winter weather starts to set in a pair of leather soled dress shoes just won’t do. I needed a shoe that could go with my business casual dress and stand up to any wet weather coming my way. I worked closely with Chris Clark at Herring to find the right shoe for my needs. With his expert advice we chose the Herring Windermere boots.

The boots arrived quickly and are a beautiful rich burgundy color with very soft supple leather and a nice grain detail. I ordered my normal size and they fit wonderfully with just a bit more width so I can wear a nice lightweight boot sock for the colder days. There isn’t enough room to wear a heavyweight boot sock, but anything lightweight or medium weight will work wonderfully with this boot.

I’ve worn the boot only a week now and the break in is very easy. They have become increasingly more comfortable each time I wear them. I honestly expected a much harder break in period especially with the full commando soles, but these boots are proving me wrong.

One area of note, these boots do not have the quick lace notches for the top lacing. I’ve kept the top two lace holes empty and feel that gives me a bit more flexibility in my ankle area. This is especially helpful when driving my manual car and does not detract from the overall look and style of the boot.

If you’re looking for a boot that can easily work with business casual dress to jeans and flannel, has soft beautiful supple leather, a rich color and comfortable style that can handle Winter weather, look no further than the Herring Windermere.


David G Driegert Jr
Fairfax, Virginia


Great shoes need great socks


Last month I wanted you to understand that your feet deserve better, so my tips were about how to treat them the best way you can.

This time I want to “bring back to their former glory” something too often neglected:

your socks!

Obvious, isn’t it? But somehow 80% of you guys don’t wear good ones. You often buy cheap, too big, too small or poor quality socks that won’t last. Isn’t that a bit crazy?

Your socks should cocoon your feet. So again think about quality. Think about good material and fabrics. They will last longer, you will feel more comfortable and you will look so much better as well.

Choose different ones for Summer and Winter. You won’t sweat too much when it’s hot and you can make a fuss of your feet by wearing a mix of wool and cashmere when it’s cold.

You know that amazing feeling when you sleep under your favourite duvet? That feeling of well being? Well, trust me, good socks are the exact same thing for your feet.

You must also change your socks everyday, or even 2 times a day after a crazy morning running after your dog/wife/client/car/customer/bus… and it’s raining hard!

You need to show some common sense, because if you want the best shoes, they deserve the right socks.


Customer insight- Jerry Tharapos, Melbourne

jerry 2

This article has been submitted by one of our loyal customers, Jerry Tharapos.  He is from Melbourne, Australia and has become such a regular customer that we thought it would be great to hear directly from him. Jerry has kindly written the following article. If you are a Herring customer and would like to feature then please get in touch as we would love to share more of your insights.

In recent times, there has been a lot written about style cues coming from the 20s and 30s.  Probably because of a lot of period dramas.  I have always loved that era, the colour, textures and patterns of the cloths.  Things were so well made then, and bold and flamboyant.

About 30 years ago, I saw my boss wearing a double breasted Prince of Wales check suit and I thought it was the best thing I’d ever seen.

I’ve bought many shoes from Herring.  I have the standard must have’s but always get enticed by the spectator brogues and the colours that are a little bit left of centre.  For instance, recently I bought a pair of olive wing-tip brogues and a pair of purple suede brogues.  I’ve been buying shoes from Herring for about 5 years now.  The customer service is always excellent and the range of shoes is quite diverse.  I also do OK from the sales, twice a year.  I started off buying from the classic range, now I appreciate the offering from the premium range and I have bought a number of pairs from the 1966 range.  I have 3 sons and they enjoy Dad buying them Christmas and birthday presents from Herring.  I mentioned that the customer service is excellent, and it is, but the point of difference is that there is a genuine desire to delight the customer and I am proud to say that the guys at Herring have now become my friends.

FullSizeRenderBut shoes are only part of the story. I have also built up a good range of jackets and suits. Plaids, window pane and Prince of Wales check are de-rigueur in many different colours.  I have a tailor in Melbourne that has similar tastes, so I am one of his best customers. And, I love hats. I have a small head so it is difficult to find something that fits me well.  I also enjoy having a variety of styles and colours.  So, the only option is to get them made by a milliner in Melbourne.  She has made hats for Mick Fleetwood and his band and, apparently, one of his band members coveted a brown porkpie that she made for me.  I told her she should have sold it for a bomb and made a significant profit!

When choosing my outfits I think there are three basic and essential ingredients that make a point of difference and style to a gentleman’s wardrobe. Let me explain in more detail.

Firstly, and most importantly, I think it has to be the shoes.  Apparently women judge a man’s shoes twice as much as men judge a woman’s.  So, they are the first thing you need to get right. My preference is for oxford semi-brogues and three colours are essential; chestnut, mahogany and burgundy.  But of course you also need the classic; black “oxfords, not brogues”.  The oxford is an elegant style for a dress shoe and a semi- or quarter-brogue creates enough interest without being over the top.  Once you have the staples, you will begin to become more confident and then you can mix it up with different styles, colours, leathers and suedes.  The Herring Fencote is an excellent example of this. No wonder it is a best seller.  I often get asked about the number of shoes I have and the truth to that question is, “I do not know”, but I always get positive comments about them so does it matter?


Secondly I think about the body; the waistcoat. A waistcoat will always make a two-piece suit pop, even in a plain charcoal or navy. You can make a significant statement with the colour and cloth of a waistcoat.  A subtle burgundy plaid waistcoat under a navy suit looks very classy.  You can wear the same waistcoat with a suit, chinos or jeans and get a three wholly different looks.  Three or four different waistcoats that compliment your existing wardrobe, have the affect of significantly increasing the number of options and outfits.  Also, some nice suspenders (braces) under the waistcoat will also give a unique twist.  Other men may not notice the suspenders (braces) but, like it is with good shoes, the ladies will notice the flash of colour under your waistcoat, and will be impressed.

Let’s top it off with the third ingredient – a hat. A Fedora is without question the one thing that will make your style complete. Again, the number three features here.  Three essential colours need to be in your wardrobe; and they are brown, grey and navy blue.  It is an unfortunate thing that men have stopped wearing hats but, thankfully, I believe that there is a resurgence of the Fedora.  Once you have the staple colours, you can add more and become more adventurous.  Would you wear a purple porkpie?  Not sure about you, but my answer is, yes!  And if you are even more daring you can get your hats custom made for a bespoke look.  I often get asked, “how many hats do you have?”.  Probably the best answer comes from Helen Mirren, playing Hedda Hopper in the recent movie, Trumbo, when asked, “New hat?” Her reply “… daily darling, daily.”

In the end, whilst other people’s views and advice can trigger some positive changes in what your wear, the real secret is to be comfortable with your own choices – “Know, first, who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly” – Epictetus.


Jerry Tharapos

jerry 1


3 great ways to keep your feet sweet


Summer – What did it mean for all of us?
Basically our feet were free, in “the open air”…
We all need a break. We all need to breathe. This can be very liberating. It’s good sometimes to fully enjoy a non-active lifestyle and be lazy. And it starts by forgetting everything you read and hear about elegance and rules for a while. Even my articles. Especially my articles!
But the holidays are now over with. Time to get back to reality.
So first, let’s talk about your feet. It’s sad that most men do not take care of their feet at all.
I want to help you change this with 3 great tips.
Firstly you need some sodium bicarbonate – immerse your feet in tepid water (1L) to which you added a small cup of bicarb. Sit and relax for 15 minutes. This is good for everything even the bad smells!
Secondly think about Lavender oil – you just need 2 drops and add it to olive oil. Rub your feet with this perfect blend which I think is ideal against infections and makes your skin feel great. Make sure you always dry your feet perfectly.
Thirdly you must cut your nails. Podiatrist usually say that a pair of small nail pliers is always better than nail clippers. You could save yourself being in pain because of ingrowing nails if you take the time to care for your feet.
These are my favourite tips but you can find many more. My main point is that you must think more often about your feet. You spend half of your day on them so you should treat them like they deserve.

Herring at Pitti


Herring at Pitti and the power of classic and elegant accessories.

A Gentleman should always think about having at least one nice bag. This is not only a “woman’s affair”.

Something useful, practical, functional but also aesthetically pleasing. A simple and understated briefcase for example.
Forget about these backpacks/rucksacks we see too often in town with all these guys looking like turtles or snails. You need to think about bags the way women do.

Gui Bo and Jared Acquaro

They try to match them with their shoes, with their coats… Basically it’s an important and integral part of their whole outfit.
It’s even easier for us men. I would never dare to wear a flashy red or pink weekend bag for example, I would stay classic. Try to follow the basic rules I have already talked about when you wear your shoes for accessories. No black belt with brown shoes, so no black bag with brown shoes etc.

Herring Aldgate bag

When I’m at Pitti, I have to run everywhere and I have a lot of meetings. So my bags are vital. I cannot even imagine how to carry everything I put inside my briefcase if I had no bag. I need my briefcase!

Herring Aldgate

My iPad, my papers, a bottle of water and my Coke and so many other things I need.
Moreover everything is protected and everything is in its proper place.

Simple, elegant, ergonomic.
What more could you want?

( Photographers : Marie paola_bh, Streetstylevgenio,  Des gens en photo.
Photos featured in : Esquirre, Vogue, Dandy magazine, W Magazine)


Lead a more colourful life



I’ve always been very surprised that men can wear sneakers with lots of colours but only black or brown shoes.

They think that dressing up means that they have to be sober/simple. And they are right,  we shouldn’t wear a nice suit and ruin the look with bad shoes. Especially in a business environment where understatement (meaning simple clothes and the barest of accessories) is vital. It means that shoes and socks must be as discreet as possible. Even the most audacious Gentlemen only dare a little patina. A light dark/navy blue luminous shine on their black Oxfords or Monks for example.

MERTON 7 - Copy

But we also know that nowadays most men do not wear suits. But they still wear “boring” shoes and most of the time hideous socks. For a long time, there just wasn’t a good choice of different colours and far fewer designs.

It’s different now. It is possible.

What about matching a nice denim with blue loafers? What about tweed boots with a classic corduroy? What about wearing green derby with a smart green blazer? What about a strong orange or tobacco suede for your saddle shoe or chukka boot?


Don’t get me wrong, we mustn’t look like clowns., but we should be more playful with colour on our feet and ankles. After all we do it with our polos, with our sneakers, with our watches and our cars, so we should do the same with our shoes.


It’s Summer, think about it.

Sartorially yours,

Guillaume Bo ( MenNeedMoreStyle )

Spring into style

Winter is over!
With the sudden arrival of spring,  the temperature is rising – sometimes. It should rain less -sometimes. So, this is a very complicated season for which to dress appropriately. Because it’s spring, your wardrobe is pulling itself in all directions: a blazer for your cold shoulders, Bermuda shorts for your Vitamin D deficient legs, scarves for the chilly morning and evenings or light fabrics because we all need and want to say to ourselves: “It’s Summer soon!” So what you need are good shoes to help you to feel good; to be your best.
Herring Barcelona in Navy suede
 Gentlemen, think about loafers for example. Tassel loafers, penny loafers, Belgian loafers…
they are multipurpose and one of man’s best friends. With or without socks if it’s not too cold, with chinos or a blazer, in brown or black if you feel like wearing them like Italians do with their blue suits. You can wear them almost any time, except on a very formal dressy occasion. You will feel light and that is what Spring is all about.
Herring James in Espresso calf
Think about buckled monk shoes too.
If it’s too hot and and your workday is too long so your feet swell, you can unfasten the buckle to let your feet relax. Just remember that single monk strap shoes are more dressy than double monks.
Herring Jasper in Chestnut calf and sandal suede
And now, please, go outside. It’s Spring!

Sartorially yours,

Guillaume Bo ( MenNeedMoreStyle )

Women and mens’ shoes by Guillaume Bo of MNMS

You all know that women love shoes – and bags!
Did you also know that more than 50% of them look at your shoes, gentlemen, when they meet you for the very first time?
It must mean something!
First, a lot of girls and women would love to be able to wear your shoes. Yes, they would love to find more double monks, tweed loafers or suede two-tones. They ask me so many times where I get my shoes! They say “I wish they made those in small sizes, I can’t find shoes like that for me!”.
Secondly, women often buy clothes and shoes for their men. More than 60% of men are dressed by their girlfriends, wives, partners. So it means you, you…and not me.

Shoes speak louder than words, especially for women, because they understand what a lot of men don’t.  That by choosing the right style for you, in the right colour and by protecting them and taking care of them you show and prove that you are a true gentleman. Your shoes reveal a lot about your inner-self to a lady without realising.
So, please, think about your shoes too!

Sartorially yours,

Guillaume Bo ( MenNeedMoreStyle )