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I’ve always been very surprised that men can wear sneakers with lots of colours but only black or brown shoes.

They think that dressing up means that they have to be sober/simple. And they are right,  we shouldn’t wear a nice suit and ruin the look with bad shoes. Especially in a business environment where understatement (meaning simple clothes and the barest of accessories) is vital. It means that shoes and socks must be as discreet as possible. Even the most audacious Gentlemen only dare a little patina. A light dark/navy blue luminous shine on their black Oxfords or Monks for example.

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But we also know that nowadays most men do not wear suits. But they still wear “boring” shoes and most of the time hideous socks. For a long time, there just wasn’t a good choice of different colours and far fewer designs.

It’s different now. It is possible.

What about matching a nice denim with blue loafers? What about tweed boots with a classic corduroy? What about wearing green derby with a smart green blazer? What about a strong orange or tobacco suede for your saddle shoe or chukka boot?


Don’t get me wrong, we mustn’t look like clowns., but we should be more playful with colour on our feet and ankles. After all we do it with our polos, with our sneakers, with our watches and our cars, so we should do the same with our shoes.


It’s Summer, think about it.

Sartorially yours,

Guillaume Bo ( MenNeedMoreStyle )

Chris Clark

Author: Chris Clark

Chris is the Customer Service Lead at Herring Shoes. With over 10 years experience in the shoe trade, his expert knowledge is second to none.

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